Welcome to the website of Unikeris Limited.

Here you will find enclosed documentation relating to Unikeris Limited, which can be accessed using the links provided below:

Anti-Bribery Policy relating to Business Partners

This policy sets out Unikeris’s zero-tolerance approach to bribery and its expectations and requirements of its Business Partners in relation to anti-bribery.

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Ethics and Transparency

Unikeris Limited’s commitment to ethics and compliance is outlined in this document.

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Modern Slavery Statement

Unikeris Limited’s Modern Slavery Statement.

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Tax Strategy

Unikeris Limited’s latest tax strategy document.

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Unikeris Model 231

Information relating to how Unikeris Limited has implemented an Organisational and Management Model according to Italian Legislative Decree No. 231/2001.

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If you require any further information in relation to Unikeris Limited, please contact us via email at info@unikeris.com

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